Joseph Michael In studio on New Recordings with Ex White Wizzard Members 

It's Hump day and I have six records going on right now because of that my posts will be sporadic... 

Midnight Silhouette's Debut  (Jake Dreyer, Adam Sagan (Circle 2 Circle/ Into Eternity) is in the works (say hello to guitarist Jake Dreyer on the road with Kiss and Deff Leopard!)

Paul Sternquist is in the studio with me doing a second record...

Ex- White Wizzard Giovanni Durst and i are cooking something up in the Thrash Department...

I will be recording a 20+ song record of all of my pre Los Angeles Material titled UTICA... as well as a few other surprises i cannot confirm... 

For now here is a little Track i wrote and produced (my first production credit) Also played guitar,keys and bass on...

Cheers \../,

If you cannot view this video follow the link here: Black Sea - Army of Mice

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  • tim

    tim utah

    Wow...this is gonna be awesome!

    Wow...this is gonna be awesome!

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