David Chamberlin-EntrzelleDavid Chamberlin is a Los Angeles - based composer and producer, previously known by his work with Starmachines, as well as a variety of remixes and production credits.

After a few years of building the act, including several EP's and local shows, Chamberlin grew dissatisfied with the creative and professional direction of Starmachines, and decided to put the project on indefinite hiatus. Inspired to explore a different concept and creative direction, Entrzelle was born in the Fall of 2010. The debut album "Part Of The Movement" was completed in June of 2011, but was delayed release due to ongoing negotiations with record labels interested in picking up the act. Having not arrived at a satisfactory deal, Chamberlin released the album independently on Jan 1st, 2012....Read More about Entrzelle

His work with HRX  Records includes:
Vixens Volume 1
Hell.. It's Christmas
Rotting Pussy
Hell It's Christmas... Again

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