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Hell...It's Christmas
  • Hell...It's Christmas
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Silent Night * Arranged and Performed by Joseph Michael
Composed By Franz Gruber Percussion * David Chamberlin

The Most Wonderfull time * Aranged and Performed by Entrzelle
Composed by Edward Pola & George Wyle

Jingle Bells * Arranged and Performed by Paul Sternquist
Composed by James Lord Pierpont Bass/Organ Joseph Michael
Percussion * Adam Gust

O Holy Night * Performed by Midnight Reign
Composed By Adolphe Adam percussion * David Chamberlin

Hell...It’s Christmas * Performed by Hayley & Michael Dees
Composed and performed By Joseph Michael & David Chamberlin

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Rotting Pussy - Miami Single
  • Rotting Pussy - Miami Single
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“Miami... Tripin' on bathsalts” Written by Joseph Michael Furney and David Chamberlin features Vocals By Starla Baker and Ave Rose both Vixens Vol. 1 Alumni. It is being described as sounding like “Marylin Manson being Fucked by Pantera!”

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