Witherfall In Contention for Multiple 2019 Grammy Awards

The Grammy Awards voting period is in full swing and this season Witherfall is once again in the running! 

This year our #DarkMelodicMetal Opus about our fallen Friend and Drummer Adam Sagan is in contention. 

If you are a voting member click here and login: 

Like some larger bands (Ghost pictured) we do not have ads in Billboard mag or other trades. Just the support of fans, professionals and the appreciation from #musicians of complex and left of center musical ambition. 

Categories are: 

Witherfall - A Prelude To Sorrow (#76) #AlbumOfTheYear 

Witherfall - Vintage (#076) #BestMetalPerformance 

Witherfall - Shadows (#381) #BestRockPerformance 

Witherfall - Ode To Despair (#0706) #SongOfTheYear 
Witherfall - Ode To Despair (#1123) #RecordOfTheYear 

PS: Witherfall have officially begun the Pr-Production/Arranging stages of our next record. 
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The code expires November 20th the day that the #GrammyNominations are announced.


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