Midnight Silhouette guitarist Jake Dreyer filling in for KOBRA AND THE LOTUS on tour with Def Leppard and KISS! 

 Midnight Silhouette guitarist  Jake Dreyer is on his way to Canada for rehersals with Kobra and the Lotus. Jake is filling in for KOBRA AND THE LOTUS on guitar supporting Def Leppard and KISS!


Midnight Silhouette Guitarist Jake Dreyer

     Midnight Silhouette is the collective brainchild of guitarist Jake Dreyer, drummer Adam Sagan, and singer Joseph Michael. It is also a natural extension of the already established working relationships between the three songwriters.

    Jake and Adam released a 3-song instrumental EP in 2011. "In the Shadows of Madness" received wide-spread critical acclaim, with one song, "Harmony of the Spheres", being made into a downloadable song for the Xbox 360 video game Rock Band. A musical brotherhood was forged, and a seed was planted.

   A few years later, Dreyer and Joseph Michael found themselves playing together in White Wizzard. After recording an album and touring together both knew they had found in each other the missing piece of a puzzle that was still undefined.

In October 2013 Dreyer and Michael started working on Songs in Hollywood Ca and in November of 2013, Dreyer and Sagan were finally reunited to resume their musical journey. They holed up in 14:59 Studios in Minneapolis, MN to lay the groundwork for what would become Midnight Silhouette.

The last weekend of May 2014 gave birth to the first full-band rehearsal, and they will be recording their first EP this Summer 2014. Soon, the Midnight Silhouette will be ready to descend upon you all! Tracking is set to Begin in August 2014 with Ralph Patlan (MSG,Megadeth) in Pheonix Az..

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